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Hometail Packaging

Hometail is a successful venture in India that sells 100% natural Roasted Nuts in different flavors and cultures. Their recipes are designed in-house and prepared using only top-quality ingredients.


The client’s brief primarily focused on the need to create four distinct packaging. These packaging would differ from each other in terms of their colors so that each one of them would effortlessly connect with a specific flavor. The designs should be in line with, and further support, the existing visual identity of Hometail. This identity was adopted from the beginning by the company. 


Accordingly, the design and distinctiveness of the packaging were inspired by the ingredients of each product. Vivid colors and playful drawings are there to seduce the customers and allure them to a unique palette of tastes. Additionally, they make each packaging stand out on its own and support it. The feeling of indulgence continues with the cylindrical Tube Container. Overall, these design and production elements emphasize the current identity and character of freshness and richness. From the ingredients to the final product, they strengthen and open the door to more exciting additions in the future.

Hometail Logo Banner
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Hometail pink banner subway
home tail peri peri banner billboard

Ⓒ2020 INDIA  

Hi, I’m Satyam Garg, a multidisciplinary designer based in India, with a desire to empower ideas. I love to conceptualize printed and digital products, specializing in design strategy and creating UI/UX design systems. Starting from the concept up to the final result, I'm a branding, typography, and design lover. I am not hesitant to try new ideas, breaking ground, and experiment. ​


Basically, I like creating cool shit.

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