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this is the house of Satyam Garg          
      an India-based


Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Developer,UI Designer, User Experience Designer, Interior Designer and motion graphic G r a p h i c W e b U I / U X I n t e r i o r M o t i o n
Two Flaoting Cups Mockup.jpg
Two Flaoting Cups Mockup.jpg

Mystic Brew

Hometail packaging 1 .jpg


Book Layouts.jpg
Book Layouts.jpg

Booklet Design

Ⓒ2020 INDIA  

Hi, I’m Satyam Garg, a multidisciplinary designer based in India, with a desire to empower ideas. I love to conceptualize printed and digital products, specializing in design strategy and creating UI/UX design systems. Starting from the concept up to the final result, I'm a branding, typography, and design lover. I am not hesitant to try new ideas, breaking ground, and experiment. ​


Basically, I like creating cool shit.

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